John B. Foreman

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The BOOK on HOW to create a Regional Mall

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Welcome to my opening page on Regional Malls. My first introduction to this 21st century retail phenomenon as it was named in one business journal at the time was in the Midlands of the United Kingdom in the early 60's. Much has been gained from those early experiences by the Mall Owners and Developers, their Architects, Retail Designers, Civil and Mechanical Engineers and the many diverse trades and professions now developed specifically for the purpose and of course the Retailers themselves. A whole industry has evolved to service this model of organized retailing.

But no industry or profession has evolved more than that of the designers themselves, for it is our task to create a sustainable retail environment to adequately service the needs of the socio-economic fabric, first the Demographics then of the Psychographics of the target catchment area. This e-book not only shares with you the most important lessons learnt from the last forty years but it will also assist the reader whether Mall Developer or Architect in developing a design format that works so that those early and costly mistakes of yesteryear are not repeated.

Due to the emergence of raw markets such as India and China, and the specialised markets of the Middle East, this is particularly important to save them from the mistakes we all made. More importantly, as I have stated many times in articles for Franchise India magazine "as the trading world diminishes through technological advancement so retailers and their customers become international", which means that the emerging markets will need to create retail spaces that cater for international retailers or lose the opportunity of the international tenant and without them, the brands they share.  

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