John B. Foreman

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The BOOK on HOW to create a Shopping Precinct

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Welcome to my opening page on Shopping Precincts. What is a shopping precinct? As there are so many variations of organised retailing, I use the word Precinct to describe any environment that encapsulates within a set area a variety of organised retail that is managed as one environment. It can be a Mid City Mall, a Town Centre or shopping arcade, a major City Centre, a village streetscape or a specialised / local strip shopping place. In all cases the Shopping Precinct should be a designed environment that satisfies a specific need for the psychographic audience that it serves. Let’s progress this chain of thought, imagine a row of shops in a country township that have been in existence for generations, generally these retailers are successful because of a tradition in customer service and an understanding of the physical needs of their local shoppers. It is not difficult to see why many of today’s small scale retail developments no matter in which zone they, are difficult to lease, slow to be profitable, and subject to becoming visually depressed because no thought was given to shoppers real needs or wants.

Today’s NEW Shopping Precincts can be successful, as long as they are planned and designed to suit the socio-economic fabric from the surrounding catchment. Many successful Shopping Precincts are adjacent to other attractions such as entertainment centres, sports facilities or just a special place amidst a cityscape. Others are genuine places of fashion such as Mid City Malls or a boutique boulevard. If you are involved in developing a Shopping Precinct or just a special place in mid-city please visit my e-book on Shopping Precincts for some well proven rules and customer focused drivers to ensure success for the  Developer, Retailer and shoppers alike.

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